Positive Vibes

1111 Radiant Awakening – More Possible Than Usual Today

a young woman receiving a jewel from a radiantly lit bird

AWAKENING Feeling like everything’s coming together beautifully n ways you have never imagined. Like when you’re enjoying being deep in a creative project that delights you and suddenly inspiration flashes. You’re connecting realities either seen or unseen that suddenly clicks and blows your mind. That’s more possible than usual today.  Why? Today, November 11, 2019, […]

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Pluto Stations Direct 2019: Our Ultimate Halloween Party

pirates-of-the-caribbean Johnny Depp looking at a wax image of himself as Jack Sparrow

Pluto Stations Direct 2019: Our Ultimate Halloween Party Or “It’s my party and I’ll fly if I want to” Hey there, fellow Cosmic Traveler! Raise your hand if you’re  Terrified, touched, amazed, overwhelmed… thrilled Strangely electrified, alive feeling, even though every sane fiber in your being screams that “normal” is over with. It has officially […]

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