Stellar News You Can Use: Galactic Center Conjoins Jupiter

stylized Galactic Center

“The small man builds prisons for every one he meets, but the wise woman ducks under the moon and tosses keys to the beautiful and rowdy prisoners.” Hafez It can be easy to feel like a prisoner of these wild, tumultuous times!  This morning, I tuned into the Impeachment Hearings, coffee with collagen in hand […]

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Galactic Center Dreaming – November 19 – 23, 2019

clear green ocean waves

Good morning! Today’s Astrology and a recurring dream that just might be for you too: Tuning In First, Astrology 🌟 What were you doing 12 years ago at this time? Jupiter has a 12 year orbit and it’s such a bringer of expansion and often good fortune.  For you, there’s something you were embarking on […]

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1111 Radiant Awakening – More Possible Than Usual Today

a young woman receiving a jewel from a radiantly lit bird

AWAKENING Feeling like everything’s coming together beautifully n ways you have never imagined. Like when you’re enjoying being deep in a creative project that delights you and suddenly inspiration flashes. You’re connecting realities either seen or unseen that suddenly clicks and blows your mind. That’s more possible than usual today.  Why? Today, November 11, 2019, […]

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