“Lori Randall’s personal journey of reclaiming meaningful joy inspires her passion for excavating deep, daily how-to’s for open-hearted living in these tumultuous times. She relishes teaching people how to connect with their own bliss blueprint via astrology through the emerging science of happiness. As a best-selling author, technology guru, theology student and former Christian minister, Lori brings both intuitive wisdom and precision of analysis that comes with romancing the sacred as well as the algorithm.”

Lisa Smartt, author of Final Words Project

Lori Randall Stradtman has been fascinated by the language of mythology from the earliest age. After gleefully reading through the entire school library related to myth and magic, she quickly discovered Astrology via the public library and began studying birth charts while in high school.

After a long period of above ground Christian ministry and then an equally long period of underground spirituality, a Persephone archetypal experience for sure, she emerged in 2018 as an openly passionate fan of Astrology combined with tools from the Science of Depth Psychology.

An Online Reputation Expert, Author, and Strategist by profession, Lori has been interviewed by Consumer Reports, Kiplinger’s Money Magazine, Forbes Magazine, AdAge, and other notable publications. 

She has consulted for people from all walks of life, including movie stars, billionaires, and business owners. Lori loves to dive deeply into hidden territory to discover and retrieve buried treasures, be they personal, professional, or collective. 

Or put differently… Here’s what I just wrote on my Social Media Design site, the place where I cut my teeth in all things social media and Internet and continued my secret love affair with Astrology and Happiness research: 

Please Note:

I have loved my decade of Brand Building and Online Reputation Managementand am more grateful than I can say for each and every one of you who trusted me to teach you the latest and help you to define yourself in the world.I love each and every one of you who saw something in me that made you want to keep reading and try new things.And most of all, I treasure the friendships I’ve built over the last decade, both online and in person. You are everything. 💕

After my experience at the Las Vegas shooting, everything shifted for me. I realized just how short life can be and that it’s time for me to pursue my secret passion of Astrology and Happiness research. I love helping people to understand (and accept!) themselves at a much deeper level.

So this is my offering! Please click the “Astrology” page at the top menu to see my baby site and maybe even book a reading. I’d be honored to read for you.

I’ve always relied on a deeply honed Intuition for knowing which way to go with an Online Reputation or Crisis Communication issue. Then the technology is put to best use.

I’m still available for the right project and would love to help, but now I’m going full steam ahead with theAstrology of Happiness.

Thank you and I’m wishing you all the best, the brightest, the most wonderful experiences life can offer!

Let’s create everyday magic.