Romantic couple full moon black catOh you naughty seductresses! All this time you’ve been told that Friday the 13th is unlucky.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This morning I did a casual Google search for “Friday the 13th,” and confirmed that the unfair, unsexy rumors are indeed alive and well about this special day. For example:

  • The first article to pop up was one telling about lucky talismans for this dreadful day.
  • The next search result had to to with the Friday The 13th movie franchise.
  • The next told all about the historical significance, which is fascinating. Click here for that well documented and entertaining bunny trail.

Want to hear the sexy news about Friday the 13th?

Thought so, after all, we’re friends! So here’s the deal: Friday the 13th, back before religious autocrats overwhelmed Europe, (convert or die!) Friday the 13th was a sacred day devoted to worshipping Venus in the most delightful way possible: by getting lucky, preferably out in a field to invoke the blessings of fertility!


Friday is “Freya’s Day,” which is the Nordic expression of the Venusian energies of Love and Fertility.

The number 13 connects with the Moon 🌝 and celebrates the Divine Feminine. It was demonized by said religious autocrats because it has to do with the mysteries of femininity. God forbid we cherish half the population, particularly the one bearing and nourishing little humans, they felt. Strange times.

The number 13 correlates with the Moon in the following ways:

  • Every year has 13 Moon cycles
  • Every season is comprised of 13 weeks
  • Moon cycles are how we traditionally gauge feminine fertility cycles

In numerology, the number 13 is a master number that helps us to bring our dreams to life.

So the truth is… that today’s a magnificent day to get lucky, if you know what I mean. And I’m sure you do… 😁

So, for all you people who have been sent home from work to isolate, there’s nothing sexier than getting quarantined and getting lucky with the special someone. Why not? 

With the Sun sextiling Pluto tomorrow, there’s a huge opportunity to empower yourself during this time of massive change. To rise above and evolve into the next highest version of yourself.

Meanwhile… let’s celebrate Friday the 13th in style!


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