Wolf howling in front of orange full moonI’m so excited to be sharing this new perspective on celebrating full moons!!

If you can’t wait to hear, please skip to the bottom and get started, but for those who aren’t as familiar with the traditional approach, I want to give that and some Astronomy for background.

The Traditional Approach

Most of us have heard a lot about cooperating with the power of the full moon to release things. A friend came to me yesterday saying that all this “releasing” talk has her afraid. Makes her feel insecure. I kind of agree.

Thankfully, the Universe isn’t asking us to trash our way of life every month, but if you need/want a change, it’s fantastic energy to work with. The following are always good ideas for shedding:

  • Attitudes of helplessness
  • Old journals
  • Outdated ways of being
  • Cumbersome habits the seem pointless
  • Clutter of all kinds
  • Clothes that don’t fit anymore, for whatever reason
  • Clearing out THAT kitchen or bathroom drawer with intention “by the cleaning and organizing of this drawer I’m cleaning and organizing my attitude about that conversation with my Mother this week.”

It can feel almost ominous, as if we’re missing the boat if we don’t eliminate something. For me, all that releasing can be wonderful, but what happens when you simply aren’t feeling inspired?

Susan Miller Cancer HoroscopeThe Astrology

This Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer at 2:21pm EST, directly opposing the powerful Saturn/Pluto Stellium that I’ve been talking about for months now. It’s marvelously cool and potent for giving some area of our lives a vibrant makeover. The more you consciously work with these energies, the more you can track the patterns and be more of a co-creator in your life instead of a passive witness.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon has to do with:

  • Instinct
  • Gut reactions
  • Digestion
  • Emotions
  • Mother
  • Self-Soothing
  • Home
  • Family
  • Habits
  • Comfort

Look for which house this sign was in at the time of your birth. Since the Earth never stops spinning, the minute we were born determines our ascendant, which sets up the entire wheel of our birth chart.

Wolf blood Lunar EclipseThe Science Behind This Stunning Lunar Eclipse

The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon will appear to form a straight line, with the Earth in the middle position. It will last for about 4 hours and appear to turn red.

According to CNN:

“Lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon. But a penumbral lunar eclipse is different from a total lunar eclipse.
The eclipse on Friday will occur when the moon moves into Earth’s penumbra, or outer shadow. This causes the moon to look darker than normal.
During a total lunar eclipse, the change is more dramatic because the entire moon appears to be a deep red color.”

wolf blood moon 20 degrees Cancer January 10th 2020My Exciting New Approach

What a wonderful time to acknowledge and digest the benedictions and beauty life is showing us right now? What would it be like to use this full moon to celebrate the things of Cancer, particularly home, motherhood, women in our lives, our precious femininity?

Digesting the fullness of all the benedictions and beauty in life.

In so doing, we’re demonstrating that we value what we’ve been given and are ready for more good, more beauty.

Full Moons, particularly Lunar Eclipses, provide a lot of juice to get things done. I’ve decided to use this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer (and my personal 6th house of service, health, well-being) to really digest all the goodness and beauty in my life this minute. For starters:

  • I live in relative Peace time
  • I have food to eat that I like
  • I have a safe, secure home that reflects my tastes
  • I have a car
  • I have healthy, happy, affectionate pets
  • I have a wonderful, loving, quirky, fabulous family
  • I have fantastic, generous, gifted, delightful friends
  • I get to do what I love in life – studying, practicing, and teaching Astrology!!

What’s turning you on about your life right now? What’s so good that you feel like you simply have to digest it to appreciate the goodness so that it lasts?

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your Benedictions!!

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