Let’s get one thing out of the way right now. I’m FEELING this profusion of energies so much! Part of me wants to hide far, far away, to escape it, and yet the only way through is to fully embrace the beauty of right now.

A friend reached out to me this morning, saying “I KNOW you said this was going to be intense… but this is INTENSE!!  I feel like I’m a million miles away from my body and am spinning. How on earth am I to function? How to get out of this crazy loop, especially since I realize that it’s just not that big of a deal. I’m fine. My family is fine. Everything is fine… and yet…” Another friend writes “I’m noticing it’s hard for me to feel truly safe right now. Can you meet?” Last night, while making plans to meet over a glass of wine (and a needed hug for me) a wise friend described this feeling like “swimming over the Marianas Trench.” Ah yes…

I have to believe you’re feeling the same way.

The Trick to Easing Transition

Several years ago I used to help out women during childbirth. I taught a 12 week series of classes designed to get these ladies and their partners 100% ready for their very own miracle of birth. I often got to help, earning the nickname “human epidural.” After experiencing a life-threatening loss of my own during childbirth some years prior, something deep inside me identified with each woman. I longed to help them, to comfort them, and to help bring about healthy, life-affirming, healing outcomes for all. It was one of the most magnificent seasons of my life as I got to be part of so many incredible transitions into life and motherhood.

We’re birthing something right now.

Something personal. Something powerful. Something beautiful. That’s where the co-creation part comes in. There’s a part of me that would love to invite a friend over, hide in a bunch of movies, and only come out for air and food strictly as needed. But maybe somebody needed to read this. Maybe somebody needed this long distance touch, this connection, my witnessing you, holding space for you and telling you that this is akin to the transition phase of labor. And to see you get through it with flying colors. What is Transition in Labor? It’s that weirdo feeling phase at the end of active labor contractions, after countless 90 second sessions of sweaty, intense contractions (a/k/a labor pain) give way to something often spooky… Contractions have either stopped or changed in personality. You might be shaking, burping, vomiting, wide-eyed and weirded out, feeling the urge to cry, wondering what the hell is going on because one phase is over and yet you’re not fully into the next phase yet.

Remember what’s on the other side of TRANSITION to help you make it through.

    The way through Transition is to:

  1. Embrace the power of NOW by actively, energetically visualizing you coming through with flying colors.
  2. Surrender to the power of this personal birth, inviting in grace and ease, feeling it.
  3. Trust the process. Trust that something beautiful is coming our way. We’re designed to evolve and do it best when we go with the Divine flow.

And for something deeply practical…

I’m doing the only sane thing I can do by throwing an online LOVE IN party and inviting everybody who wants to transition in high style!!

Yep. For me at least, love overcomes or at least improves every icky thing. You are invited to join us. Drop a link to a favorite song, drop a pic or even a slew of emoji’s that convey the love you feel for humanity right now. Send beautiful words and pictures around the world. Receive them back as a personal blessing. Love is the magic that powers every beautiful birth. Even when the mother is too exhausted to give anything more, others lovingly step in to help. It’s a magical exchange.

Let’s love each other through this transition and birth something beautiful.

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