Neo flying Matrix MovieFive Things You Can Do To Make The 2020 Shakeup Work For You

But first, in order to set the stage for this mighty shakeup we’re already feeling, let’s talk about this tumultuous transit and then go to the movies together, shall we?  (Hint: Yesterday’s Impeachment embodies this tumultuous transit EXACTLY.)

An introduction to the Astrology:

Saturn and Pluto Conjoin on January 12, 2020

Every 33-38 years, Saturn appears to be melting into Pluto, shaping history in profound ways. Though their energies meld together, the patterns stay consistent in often surprising ways. This time, their energies merge in deeply historic ways, because they’re meeting up with their respective south nodes, the Sun, and Mercury. Basically, it’s a total shakeup for how authority structures have been using their power. This confronts us personally. How have you been using your energy, your personal power? Have you been giving it away to the noisiest bidder? Or have you been using it to create beauty as you live in your Soul’s purpose? Consider deeply and use this abundant energy to make needed changes in your life that will move you forward in the direction of your dreams.

Now let’s go to the movies.

In The Matrix, Neo swallows the red pill and ultimately decides to follow his true Soul’s Path, forsaking limiting thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors. He uses the power of tumultuous times to personally evolve, thereby changing everyone within the sphere of his influence. As with Neo, this transits asks each of us: If you could bend reality (which you can, to a degree,) what would you do right now to create a foundation the next 33-38 years of your life? 

bald mystic kid with bent spoon Matrix movie“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth: There is no spoon.”

Bald mystic kid from The Matrix movie


Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Make 2020 Work For You

  1. 🌟Get a copy of your natal chart. See where 22 degrees of Capricorn lies on the outer circle of zodiac signs. It will show you what house of yours is receiving an HGTV makeover of sorts. (If you’d like a personalized reading from me, schedule yourself this treat here.) Mark your calendar for January 12, 2020, as this is day that the energies are most intense. Though, with planets that move this slowly through our sky, (particularly Pluto) they tend to hang around a very long time, so we’re already feeling this world-changing energy, as evidenced by the hugely historic Impeachment yesterday.
  2. 💪🏻Narrow your focus to only the essentials that will move you forward in the direction of your dreams.
  3. 🤓Plan your time efficiently. Time is the only thing we can never replace, so use it mindfully, especially since Saturn rules Time.
  4. 😍Remember that the Universe is setting you up to succeed! Jupiter just entered Capricorn on December 3rd. This gives us an enormous boost in solidifying our foundations, especially in whatever house it’s transiting in your natal chart. The Sun is also about to conjunct the Galactic Center, which is stupendously positive.
  5. 😇Begin envisioning just how magnificent this CAN be in your life. Make a movie and play it, allowing the feeling of whatever it is that you want to fill your senses as if you already have it in your life here and now. For bonus points, do this every night as you fade into slumber and change the way you feel when you wake up, making it brighter, more pleasant, more empowering. There really are seeming angels in the woodwork calling out to you at this time.

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