stylized Galactic CenterThe small man builds prisons for every one he meets, but the wise woman ducks under the moon and tosses keys to the beautiful and rowdy prisoners.” Hafez

It can be easy to feel like a prisoner of these wild, tumultuous times! 

This morning, I tuned into the Impeachment Hearings, coffee with collagen in hand (What can I say? Am wellness geek.) still in my pajamas and bathrobe. Two hours later, I had to shut my iPad and shower off the reactions, the news itself, the reality that this is really happening in the land that I love. 

This is the world we’re living in. But I’ve got some really good news for us today.

Not only does Mercury station direct this afternoon (which means that it’s even more important to play communications cool these next few days) but something monumentally positive is already here and stays through the 23rd of November.

Jupiter is conjoining the Galactic Center!!

Here’s what it means and what you can do to receive maximum benefit, because you won’t want to miss this once every 12 years opportunity for benevolent, divinely exquisite power. 

What is the Galactic Center? 

A friend with her North Node sitting on the Galactic Center (27 degrees of Sagittarius) describes it like this:

“The GC is a gate, a portal to the next level of awareness or enlightenment if you like. Depending entirely on where one is, and how willing one is, the connection to deeper cosmos can be established.

Which means liberation and with that comes a surge of freedom, love and wisdom. The GC is comparable to the sahasrara, the crown chakra. Once that starts to open, truth is to be experienced, and things, even how chaotic they seemingly are, make sense again.

May all find the key to this. It is at the end of Sagittarius marking the end of the pilgrimage. And then, in Capricorn, the mountain awaits.”

What can we do to take advantage of this blissfully benevolent cosmic download?

  • Meditation
  • Setting an intention before sleep to invite the divine to recode you during your dreamtime
  • Tuning into our intuition, our cosmic connection, during waking hours, remaining receptive to divine guidance. 

We’ve got a lot of crazy coming in the next few months, so this is there to provide us with the resources we need to not only survive, but to thrive during chaos. Let’s navigate this together!

Wishing you Life’s biggest, best blessings!


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