Good morning! Today’s Astrology and a recurring dream that just might be for you too:

clear green ocean wavesTuning In

First, Astrology 🌟

What were you doing 12 years ago at this time? Jupiter has a 12 year orbit and it’s such a bringer of expansion and often good fortune. 

For you, there’s something you were embarking on in 2007. Think back… because it was probably something that expanded and deepened your personal evolution.  

While this is always true, Jupiter will be aligning with 27 degrees of Sagittarius from the 19th through the 23rd. Meditating would be a huge way to expand our sense of connection with the timeless, numinous, spiritual oneness that is all of us. Tune in, receive, allow divine flow and see what unfolds. 💕

 If you’re a dreamer like me, pay attention to your dreams during this time. They’re likely to carry deep wisdom you can use in everyday life.

This Recurring Dream

Picture a beautiful, familiar shoreline. The clear green water sparkles as the tiny waves move toward you even as you walk toward them. It’s a time of communion, of mutual magnetism. It just feels so familiar, so good, so right. And yet… the waves start to push you back onto the land. It’s still friendly, yet it’s become insistent. Get to land NOW. Like a tsunami wave, they increase, they push, they rise at an incredible rate, still friendly, yet pushing hard to leave this place of numinous dissolution where spirit knows neither time nor distance. It simply IS.

And it can feel terrifying to leave the comfort, the familiarity, the supposed safety of answering that longing to dive into spiritual territory and linger there, but there’s something better in the works. The trick is to stay connected while going out into a potentially dirty and terrifying world and making something wonderful happen. To connect, to create, to take action in real time. To take actions that make room for something powerfully positive to happen. 

That’s my challenge. Maybe it’s yours also. 

What comes up for you, if anything? 

Much love,


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