a young woman receiving a jewel from a radiantly lit birdAWAKENING

Feeling like everything’s coming together beautifully n ways you have never imagined. Like when you’re enjoying being deep in a creative project that delights you and suddenly inspiration flashes. You’re connecting realities either seen or unseen that suddenly clicks and blows your mind.

That’s more possible than usual today. 


Today, November 11, 2019, offers at least 2 massively charged opportunities for inspiration to come bigger than usual:

  1. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is moving in front of the Scorpio flavored Sun (visible in North and South America right now, with the right eyewear.) Mercury is how our mind works. It has do to with vision, narrative, ideas. The Sun has to do with brightness, life force, spirit. They’re combining their energies exactly, which can mean RADIANT VISION if you’re staying present with yourself and receptive to Divine flow. 
  2. In Numerology, today’s 11:11. The number 1 signals new beginnings. Four of them strung together signals that powerful new awakenings are possible. 

As always, contestants must be present (with themselves) to win. 

Check to see where 18-20 degrees of Scorpio lands in your personal or business chart. This helps you to set your intention and to tune in.

For example, this falls in my chart in the 9th house, in a tight conjunction with Neptune. Whee doggies that’s a lot of spiritual/philosophical/teaching awakening. And I’m in the process of just this, with lots of fresh reframes for old issues. 

Tell me what house you’re working with and I’ll offer some keys to understanding for yourself how to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to awaken in a fresh, powerful way.

Lori ❤️

P.S. What’s happening with you? Please let me know how this lands with your experience. We’re all in this together. ✨

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