Cosmic Update: Venusian Breakthroughs Coming – Libra New SuperMoon

love on the subway Stanley Kubrick astrology of happiness What would it be like if you could

UPGRADE all your preconceived notions about yourself in love and partnership?

What would it be like to allow that slumbering, silenced genius residing in you to gloriously, generously express itself, finally unfettering itself from those silencing voices that represent the crusty, past-dates way of thinking that made sense once upon a time, but is no longer relevant in your life?

What would it be like if you could just be… YOU, feeling good, wide open to this miracle called life, unafraid of yourself?

What would it be like to cease from being afraid of your innermost longings and reality?

Welcome to the human race.

Warmly, lovingly spoken here… everybody I meet with doubts themselves on a deep, significant level. Yes, we need each other. We need mirrors. But at some point it’s time to stand in our own weirdly wonderful glory and BE what we are, moving forward through the incredibly anxious, holding-back fog/quick sand that seems like something to run away from, yet it’s actually the thing to run THROUGH, each step more glorious than the past.

You know how good it feels when you do it, so wonderfully unfettered, when your inwardly silencing voices of crusty days of old have been warmly acknowledged, blessed, and allowed to move into retirement. You feel like a million bucks, like a bird soaring, like taking a life-altering swig of Felix Felicis a la Harry Potter.

Felix Felicis Harry Potter - astrology of happiness Venus New SuperMoon


I see you, entertaining a bit of self-doubt, feeling out of this world, feeling too weird to be truly seen and loved, better off hidden away somewhere while you send someone more “presentable” to the door to greet visitors.

Yet every now and then, somebody gets a rare glance into our actual self… and it’s blindingly bright. Stupendous. Stellar.

You Stardust creature, you. 

This New SuperMoon time features a lot of cosmic energies coming out to play, namely:

  • Venus Sextile Jupiter
  • SuperMoon at 5 degrees of Libra (check your chart to see which house this covers for you, and which planets of your own are receiving a love song from afar)
  • Uranus Quincunx Sun and Moon
  • Sun Opposing Chiron

There’s much more!  Bottom line, here’s what all this means and what you can do to make the most out of this beautifully potent cosmic energies coming to prepare us for the historic transits of 2020.

Venus Sextile Jupiter

What could be better than these two benevolent, generous, delightful feeling, powerful energies creating OPPORTUNITY right now?

Uranus Quincunx Sun and Moon

Speaking of OPPORTUNITY, Uranus brings sudden, genius breakthroughs to arise from within if you’ll allow them. Alternatively, they may come in the form of outer surprises, the unexpected, freedom. Where are you desiring greater freedom right now?

SuperMoon at 5 degrees of Libra

This breath of fresh air freedom comes with a cosmic invitation to rise up into assertive action-taking, rather than sitting on the sidelines, hoping for something wonderful to arrive. It invites us to retire co-dependent notions of needing the approval and affirmation of friends to move forward… and to simply do what feels naturally uplifting, connecting us to our deepest hearts, free from fear of what others might think. This brings us to:

Sun Opposing Chiron

Chiron, our Centaur for Emotional Well-Being, has probably been triggered once or twice this week. Deep wounds that involve profound suffering, until warm, genuine love is poured into those wounds. The cool thing here is that we can do this for ourselves at any time. Looking deeply, with compassion, acknowledging the great wisdom and need to form those walls/fortresses/mine fields of self-protection. And now that they’re overgrown with vines, crumbling, and only holding out the love of friends and satisfying romance… maybe it’s time to thank them for a job well done and to move forward with a wise, open heart.

So I hope this lightening fast Cosmic Report satiates your need to understand the heavens just now and provides a fresh way of looking at your life on a profound level. We only go around once in these bodies, kiddos, got to LIVE while we’re in them!

Much warm love and deepest respect from here,


P.S. What’s happening with you? Please let me know how this lands with your experience. We’re all in this together. ✨

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