Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane
Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane

How To Make The MOST Out Of This Solar Eclipse 

Hi there! I really wanted to polish this, to make it absolutely perfect. But then, that’s impossible, so here’s this. Because I really want you to have it so you can do your very best with it!

Feels like there’s a gigantic sale on your very favorite clothes, exactly your size and colors, reduced 90% off. And I’d be so upset if I let this opportunity pass us by without sharing it.

So – Tomorrow morning at 9:16 EDT we’re having a Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees and 37 minutes  in the sign of Cancer. It’s also happening with a super-big New Moon, so that’s some significantly powerful mojo. Check where this falls in your natal chart or your company’s chart to see where this is happening for the most potent effect, but really, don’t let that stand in your way if you don’t want to go to and download a free birth chart for yourself. 😉 

It’s a game changer, wild-card, sling-shot into the kind of future we WANT to see, full of benevolent intentions that respect personal autonomy and all that good stuff. 

If you’re like me, which I strongly suspect, you’ve been feeling this strongly. It’s been easy to take a peek or, well, take a short vacation behind “the veil” that separates regular reality from the space where things are created and still exist, only they’re not visible to the naked eye so much anymore.

Now What?

Well, it’s a profoundly wonderful time to set an intention with all your heart and to act on it somehow. 

Let’s say you really, really want a new home. Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane looks exactly like the kind of place where you’d love to live. 

1) Instead of asking for Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, which could cause all kinds of unintended, icky consequences, visualize (in living color, detailed glory, toe-tingling wonder) the kind of house you really, really want, maybe with all the same attributes as Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, but not that place specifically. Give the Divine space to co-create something even better for all involved. 

2) Then, generate an overflowing feeling of love, joy, gratitude for this thing that you’ve now envisioned that already exists in the invisible. It’s wonderful! FEEL into that.

 3) Now with both of these things going on, DO something with intention. Wash the dishes, stuff in your earbuds and dance it out to something, speak it out loud, howl at the moon, whatever it is that you can do that connects you with this profound imagery and feeling. 

Then release it and do your thing. Only make a note of it and expect to see something directly related within 6 months. 

I’m not promising you’ll win the lottery. This is a wild-card situation. But we’re certainly upping our odds of a magnificent outcome by positively participating in the process!

This message has been brought to you by the letter “E,” for Eclipse. Hope you enjoyed!

Please, please let me know how this goes for you. I’m practically giddy with telling all my friends and clients about it. 

Much love, Lori

P.S. I’ve used this over and over again with wonderful results. It works for anyone. 

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