Chiron in Aries Faith over FearBeen reading too much news about marmalade moochers, armed Nazis showing up at the Detroit Pride parade, and whatever all else? Me too. 😳

This list helps people like me who have a history of Complex PTSD. I’m betting you’re seeing this because it could help you too. Not sure I’ve ever met anybody that couldn’t benefit! LOL
And, honestly, with Chiron dancing through Aries on December 13, 2019, July 11, 2020, and December 15, 2020, it can’t hurt to have these mastered, since it will likely trigger some tender emotional hurts from our early years. The goal is healing, but doesn’t come by numbing out or worrying. This includes MasterChef binges, I’m afraid. 😅

Much love, hoping this print-worthy page of “13 Steps For Managing Emotional Flashbacks”helps.


Please, let me know how this lands with you. 💕

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you'll make it Chiron in Aries

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