Victorious RockyCosmic Courage: Building Toward 2020

During this cosmic buildup to world shaking 2020, right now the nitty gritty challenge is inward.

Until mid-September, there’s a colossal gathering of powerful energies seemingly conspiring to get us to finally, finally, and yes, I mean finally lay things to rest that never worked in the first place. Some things we’re attached to are like food that’s gone sour or moldy in the fridge. It’s beyond repair and simply needs to be chucked. That’s it. Finito. No more “if only” scenarios, because it’s already turned toxic.

The Energies:

  • Pluto, ruler of the underworld, is conjunct with it’s own South Node (Dragon’s Tail,) signifying some pretty intense transformational energy for old stuff, even back from prior lifetimes. Any tawdry sexual secrets, financial malfeasance, and power trips are likely to be exposed, both personally and in public matters in the months to come. 
  • Saturn is conjunct with it’s own South Node also, signifying karmic chickens coming home to roost in connection with how we’ve used our authority and precious time, among other things.
  • Pluto and Saturn are coming into an exact conjunction on January 12, 2020, but they’re already close. This happens every 34 years, on average. Every time they come together they make history and we create a new pattern for the next 34 years, based on how we choose to respond to it. Calling in sick is always an option, but it will cause stagnation and missed golden opportunities. And oh yes, there are golden opportunities coming!

We have a unique opportunity right now to get our own business felt and dealt with before the karmic sh*t hits the fan on a grand scale (think Catholic Priest/Protestant Preacher molestation/sex trafficking cover-ups, and, god willing, impeachment proceedings and the liberation of every child from the US southern border, for starters.)

Depending on where we are in our journey, there might be a deep well of psychic sludge that’s come up to be worked through once and for all. This will typically take the form of long term attachments to things that have exceeded their shelf life. Outdated wishes and dreams that need to be chucked in order to make room for something truly wondrous and magical to come into our lives.

Because that’s the Cosmic intent. This is like a karmic cleaning service knocking at your door. And the only way out really is to “F” it. You thought I meant the other “F” it, didn’t you? You and your wicked mind! 

How to “F” your karmic sludge coming up:

  • Face what’s going on, internally
  • Find a way to approve of it.
  • Focus on how it’s perfect for your life right now.

So you can grow through it instead of eating, watching TV, doing drugs, or whatever else you’re prone to do that makes it all go away for a little while.

How do I “F” my sludge while remaining quasi functional?

  • Listening to my “Adventure” play list, which includes movie themes and other swashbuckling courage boosters.
  • Writing a letter to the Universe, the Divine, Love, however you attribute the wondrous thing that is life-force.
  • Dancing it out to angry, sad, wild songs
  • Going for hikes where flowers are in full bloom
  • Lounging in a salt bath with rose essential oil
  • Meditating
  • Praying
  • Getting a full night’s sleep
  • Calling a friend
  • Committing to move through this instead of avoiding it

The best thing you can do for yourself is to look at your chart to see where 19-22 degrees of Capricorn is happening for you. Need a chart? Go to and enter your birth information. Want a reading with me? Please reach out. I would love to meet with you and help you through this historic time of opportunity.

And you, wondrous one, this is for you, as you just “F” it! 💕🌟


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