At this time when the whole Earth is rebirthing itself physically, economically, and politically, I keep resonating to those high school movies where everybody, no matter how weird, hard, or charming, has got to move on to the next thing.

In junior year I was the ROTC Company Commander at a Catholic high school, as a young woman and a junior, that was unusual. What was left? (It seemed.)

For senior year, I transferred to the local high school, got in the homecoming court, did lots of Theater, and wore black lipstick and safety pins in my ears for toga parties.

Danced at “The Blighted Area,” a beachside bar where nobody carded high school kids. I didn’t drink, was only there to dance my brains out in the company of others who were also trying to figure out their lives.

Will let you know when I do. 😉

What’s your high school story? 💞

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