Blue Moon over waterBlue Moon on May 18, 2019 at 27 degrees of Scorpio at 5:11pm EDT

It’s only once in a Blue Moon

that we get to experience such an intoxicating blend of impassioned planets at once. No, really! *

With all these intense energies being felt so deeply,* it creates an atmosphere, a state of being, where we’re likely to experience things like this:

* Enhanced Intuition, including hearing from people who have passed on.

* Secrets coming to light, especially sexy or underworld behaviors

* Powerful, easily triggered emotions

woman with arms outstretched toward a beautiful skyThe best thing we can do is to feel into Source, the Divine, The Force,

however we connect with Life itself. To pay attention to what we’re sensing, while exercising the patience to craft a positive course of action instead of, well, doing/saying something brash that can’t be undone. 

As somebody with 4 planets in potentially bombastic, war-like Aries, I well understand the challenge and try to draw on those kinder, sweeter, more gentle and patient placements when speaking up for myself. Incinerating others gets us nowhere. No matter how satisfying it can be in the moment. 😉 

So where does all this information come from and why? 

For those who want to learn more about Astrology

  • Scorpio, the most deeply emotional water sign, is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto deals in raw, powerful, transformative power. It rules sex, death, rebirth, and, um, taxes. For this and other reasons, now is a terrific time to get your financial house in order, particularly in connection with paying off/down debt and getting squeaky clean with your taxes. 
  • This full moon will be sextile to Pluto (increased opportunity for those two energies to flow together nicely)
  • It’s opposed to Mercury (mental vs. emotional/instinctual)
  • It’s opposed to fixed star Algol (our emotions/intuition/instincts at odds with a really nasty customer affectionately a/k/a “Medusa’s Head” and “Blinking Demon.” It’s often called the “most evil star in the heavens,” and is the root word for Alcohol, so this weekend probably isn’t a good time to binge-drink or to be around that, because violence or harsh words could erupt more easily than usual.) 

Is it time to book a reading to see what opportunities and challenges are coming your way, personally and professionally? I’d love to read for you. 

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