Time For A Reality Check.

And a Rewrite!

With this stellium (three or more planets in a house or sign) of Sun,Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces (it’s ruler,) I’m daring you to re-imagine the kind of life you would love, if you could have exactly what you honestly want.

🐇Imagine what it would FEEL these wonderful experiences and act accordingly so you can begin making them happen.  💪🏻

On the flip side, it’s also easier to slip into escapism like drugs, Reality TV, binge-drinking, and unhealthy fantasy. Like these reporters. 😄


So… dream a little dream of just how satisfying things could be! ✨💞

And act on it.

Astrology is more of a road-map, an owner’s manual, than a fated, fortune-telling experience. Time to re-imagine your next steps.

Are you at a crossroads or feeling particularly sticky? An Astrological reading from me can make all the difference in the world, because I tune in to your chart Intuitively to see where you’re likely to be feeling vulnerable or afflicted and your built-in ways that you can evolve into a happier, more powerful person. I’ll provide you with a written interpretation and audio recording of our time together, as a gift. 

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