While studying recently, I was astonished to learn just how much the pursuit of better Astrology is the origin of science itself. Astrology then, is indirectly responsible for creating life as we know it today. Let’s have a roll call, shall we?

If you take a roll call, you check which of the members of a group are present by reading their names out. We had to stand in the snow every morning for roll call. singular noun [N of n] A roll call of a particular type of people or things is a list of them.


Drumroll Please…

  • Astronomy
  • Time Calculation
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Botany
  • Mineralogy
  • Chemistry (by way of Alchemy)

It’s amazing to me when I consider that we have literally a world of first class information at our fingertips with the Internet, thanks to the study of Astrology throughout history.

Did I miss anything? Please share any stories or information you might have that will make this better!

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