Ooh! What can we say about the Total Lunar Eclipse, this Red Super Moon (meaning it comes super close to Earth) coming Sunday night? *cue* Feelings by Morris Albert. At least that’s how it’s hitting me right now. 

Feelings, nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget my feelings of love
Teardrops rolling down on my face
Trying to forget my feelings of love
Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it
I wish I’ve never met you, girl (dude?)
You’ll never come again
Feelings, wo-o-o feelings
Wo-o-o, feel you
Again in my arms
Feelings, feelings like I’ve never lost you
And feelings like i’ve never have you
Again in my heart
Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it
I wish I’ve never met you, girl

You get the idea. 

Your trigger is probably different, but this Lunar Eclipses triggers memories, old dreams, and fantasies of how things could/would be. They burble up to the surface, calling us to pay attention and decide whether those ideas are helping us to rise into the refreshing, clear water on top, or dragging us down to the murky depths of despair, dysfunction, or simply a tragic waste of time. 

I cried myself to sleep the past couple nights over a particularly sticky issue, but don’t tell anybody, OK?

And we have a power assist from the Universe to take these ideas, pick out a tombstone and bury those suckers for good. Think though what you’ve been “mooning” over, hopefully healing, in your heart since 2017.

Making A Fresh Start

The good news? It’s a perfectly fantastic time to really, honestly let go of the disappointments, to forgive, to LET GO of old movie scripts playing in your brain that have no business cluttering up your consciousness. 

We have the opportunity, the Willy Wonka Gold Ticket to “reboot” our psyche and to BE who we really are at this point in our evolution, apart from those hindering attachments. We’re moving into an entirely new chapter in Human History in these next couple of years and there’s literally no time like the present to offer everything to the Divine, ask for signs, to soften and open to what we receive. 

And To Watch The Magic Unfold. 


2 Comments on Our Willy Wonka Golden Ticket a/k/a Total Lunar Eclipse January 20, 2019

    • Thanks Amanda! I believe I will. 🙂 Would be amazing to see it in all of it’s red splendor!!

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