Gift-giving has become an art form. We scramble on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or drag ourselves out to the mall to witness all manner of exciting holiday offerings sparkle, pop, glimmer, and animate.

And yet it feels somehow empty under all the sparkle.

What can we possibly do or give that will warm the hearts of our loved ones in a way that nothing else can? What can help that friend or child going through a wild ride to feel like they have their feet on the ground again – and their head in the stars?

Give them the gift of a reading with me. I promise a nurturing, restorative, eye-opening session that puts things into an entirely new perspective. The gift of somebody’s “Cosmic Owners Manual” is a pretty special gift that can’t be replicated. And it doesn’t need batteries. 😉

For you gift givers, I’m gifting you with a special Holiday Reading that feels like Chicken Soup on a cloudy, cold, bleary Winter day. For $59 you can book an appointment from your home or office and receive a recording when we’re done. In January the price goes up, so there’s no time like right now to book a soul-soothing session.

Looking for a little bit of soul nourishment and comfort? Book a quick pick-me-up for yourself and gain an entirely new perspective on your situation. Book a reading here:

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